Freitag, 17. Juli 2009

Status report July 13th - 17th

Hi all,

here is my report:

- I got my own SVN branch phpmyadmin/branches/gsoc/alex/phpMyAdmin
(thanks to Marc for the permissions).

- SVN copy from trunk/phpMyAdmin was unexpected not easy for me, because I made the mistake to use http instead of https and so I got the error message "502 BAD GATEWAY". First I thought it was a problem with my subclipse plugin but then I found the hint about the protocol and then the copy process worked fine.

- Switched from Eclipse 3.2 to NetBeans IDE 6.7. PHP eclipse nerved
me because it was sometimes unstable and did not open some files. NetBeans seems to be more optimized for PHP development.

- Did some work on my code too :)
Here is a summary of my committed changes to SVN branch:

+ First tracking mechanism patch applied.
+ Problems causing PHP notices solved.
+ Some useless PMA_DBI_select_db() calls removed.
+ Bug: after renaming a table the list of tracking versions is broken (Fixed)
+ Using PMA_query_as_controluser where it is possible.
+ New tab "Tracking" for the table view added.
+ A little bit PMA_Tracker code refactoring.
+ SQL dump of pma_tracking to scripts/create_tables.sql added.
+ Localization introduced, using string vars in for outputs.
+ Short php tags and short print instruction removed how it is recommended in PEAR coding standards.
(Thanks to Michal for the helpful hints).

Parsing for additional commands like ALTER VIEW etc.
First I want to read and tryout PMA SQL parse functions.
It makes more sense to optimize the parser of PMA_Tracker before
adding new types of SQL statements.

Tracking functionality for whole databases. At current status a user has to select every single table that he wants to track.

Is it possible to forward prepared SQL dump code to the export script of PMA ? When yes I could use it to deliver more export types than SQL dump and SQL execution.

- Make me familiar with the PMA SQL parser library / functions.
- Try to use PMA SQL parser library.
- I think it would be a good idea to track the usernames too. I will add
this attribute to the tracker log and build a filter to the tracking report.

Best regards and have a nice WE


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